Our Laboratory


The aid of technology is fundamental in the initial phase of analysis that occurs through the spectrophotometric system.

This system consists of a Reflectance Spectrophotometer, a colour-measuring instrument that is combined with powerful hardware for processing, converting, storing and comparing data.
This is then completed by the specific logical system, being the colour measurement software that expresses this data in information relevant to the colourist (measurement and colour-matching software for analysis).

The human touch

Initially, the machines quickly and reliably translate the details of the colour for us. Yet, it is only through the expert eye of the colourist that the exact desired result can be obtained.
Indeed, in interpreting the customer's requests, the colourist's experience and sensitivity allow them to fine-tune and achieve those nuances that make all the difference.

Add your imagination

We are able to treat each master with particular effects, to give the product even greater appeal. For example, we can create fluorescent, phosphorescent, pearlescent, metallic, iridescent or glitter plastics, in order to provide you with a truly personal master.

A Masterbatch customised just for you!

Laboratory - Where the magic happens

The laboratory is the beating heart of Zefiro Replast, where our investments and professionalism guarantee the production result.

But even before going into production, your order goes through a comprehensive preliminary procedure that ensures the correct formulation and the final result.

Test, check and repeat

In our laboratory, we have recreated a small production plant in which we can precisely verify the yield of the formulation in the production of quantities and not just in the sample. This initial formula will be submitted to your assessment for approval.

Analyses and pilot testing follow. Only after the okay being given for each phase is the formulation determined as being correct and thus able to go into production. With us, every step is strictly overseen by our Quality Control Technicians, who constantly monitor the course and constancy of production.