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Masterbatches for plastic PVC masterbatches

We are a company that has been on the market for fifteen years and we produce coloured masterbatches and additives for the plastic sector.

In particular sectors: household goods, electric household appliences, auto-moto, gardening, paper industry, illumination, shoe industry, tubes, food industry.


The agency produces masterbatches for every support and for every kind of application: additive masterbatches, white and black of different concentrations, coloured and of particular effects (florescent, phosphorescent, pearl like, metallic, glitter, etc.) Our products find application in: pressing, film, blowing, extrusion, restoring.

Masterbatches for plastic

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EP 2314
Masterbatch of a mixture of expanding agents base, with a temperature of transformation superior to 220įC. Ideal for the pressing of LDPE and PP.

Flowing products
00677 Suitable for foodstuff. Does not compromise the trasparency of the material. Contains oleamide and erucamide.
00980 Studied to help the process of extrusion of LLDPE abd HDPE at high molecular weight, can improve the trasparency of the HDPE film.
00990 Of high concentration. Itís suitable in pressing by injection to facilitate the separation of the final product from the stamp.

00679 Suitable for film in LDPE. Itís not abrasive because of itís low concentration of natural silica .
00935 Same characteristics of 00679, with a higher concentration of natural silica.
00950 Offers an economic advantage in those applications in which a noticeable antiblocking effect is needed. The high concentration of natural silica permits a noticeable reduction in effort.
00921 Synthetic silica at 10%. Advised for the production of the film OPP or BOPP destined for the food packing sector.
00678 High concentration of CaCO dispersed in a universal base. Can be used to limit the withdrawal and the consequent deformation during pressing by injection.

It is organized with qualified personnel and modern instrumentation capable to execute research and development according to customer's production needs.
The firm believes that quality and full customer satisfaction are the fundamental strategy for success. The decision of creating a quality supervision system complying with UNI EN ISO 9001-2000 Rules was born from the will to consolidate a high quality service. The administrative organization guarantees availability and promptness in resolving the problems of the client.
The commercial network is structured in a widespread and detailed way to gurantee an efficient service in all national and international territory.

Expanding agents
Masterbatch of a high concentration with a base of azodicarbonic acid diamide, dispersed an a universal conveyance, suitable for pressing and the extrusion of synthetic resin.

Masterbatch of an expanding agents base, non toxic. Studied for the pressing and extrusion of poliofenic resin. Temperature of transformation is higher than 200įC.

Anti static
00676 Particularly suitable in the pressing and blowing of LDPE and HDPE. Suitable even for PP copo and omopolymer. The use of up to 2.2% of the masterbatch is non toxic in Italy.
00682 Non toxic up to 4% of the Masterbatches. Suitable for the film of LDPE, LLDPE and HDPE.
00685 Non toxic up to 3.7% of the Masterbatches. Suitable for rigid and semi rigid PVC. High concentration on universal conveyance.
00907 Antistatic of low concentration. Particularly suitable for film in LDPE.
00920 Non toxic up to 6% of the Masterbatches (on polystyrene, according to Italian laws). High concentration on polystyrene base.
00915 Suitable in the extrusion of polipropylene OPP and BOPP of high transparency. Non toxic. Polipropylene base.

Cleanig agents
00683 Concentration of surface active agents that facilitate the colour changes during the extrusion of poliolefenic films. Does not contain abrasive agents.
00801 Itís a concentrate of high viscosity, ideal for the cleaning of injection presses.

00725 Particulalrly suitable in the extrusion of polyethylene expanded by gas. Has the capability to contain the gas on the inside of the expansion avoiding the collapse of the foam.

The continuous investments aimed at improving the productive standard makes the company capable of insuring an exclusive service. The organization on three productive levels permits flexibility, production capability and rapidity in consignment. The production flow is monitored by pre estbilished testing and standardized on the materials that enter and leave the company, supplying, on a specifed request of the client, every type of certification.

Optical whitening
00684 A concentrate of additives that improves the brilliance of the finished product. Ideal for white manufactured articles.

Degrading agents
00675 A foto degradable suitable for poliofenic resin.

Flame retardants
00681 A concentrate with a base of composed organic bromide (83%), predisposed on a universal base
00731 Concentrate with a base of composed organic bromide (83%), suitable for polipropylene.
00800 Synergic combination of composed organic chloride and trioxide antinomy.
00760 Free of halogens, it has been studied purposly for poliolefenic resin. Itís a combination od phosphor and nitrogen.

Perfumed essences
They permit the finished material to smell pleasant. They are even used on regenerated materials to cover the strog smell which is typical of these. Various smells exist such as pine, lemon, vanilla, etc.

00988 Specific for polypropylene film.
00502 Suitable for pressing by injection. Itís a combination of polymeric and monomeric Hals.
Anti UV stabilisers

00574 Advised for the anti UV stabilizing of LDPE and LLDPE film in the agragarian sector for medium to long periods. Does not alter the colour of the film.
00509 Specific for crystal polystyrene and shockproof. Used on PSC and does not alter the transparency.
00899 Specific for ABS. Antioxidator
00680 Stops the degredation of the polymer whilst the machine is not un use and facilitates the putting back into action. Suitable for poliofenic resin.

Anti UV stabilisers
Cleanig agents
Optical whitening
Degrading agents
Flowing products
Flame retardants
Perfumed essences
Anti static
Expanding agents.

00572 Suitable in the production of film with a thickness inferior to 100 micron. Has an annual duration and is particularly advised in anti UV stabilizing of film in LDPE.

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